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Located just outside the Business school, the fields at Business will accommodate rugby, ultimate, and soccer fields., Boulder, CO 80309

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The WelcomeFest concert is free and open to all new, returning and graduate CU students. This year's concert will be one of the biggest yet – stay tuned for the lineup announcement in early August. Follow Program Council on social media to be the first to know!

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Very fun however, it should've been hosted in Folsom Stadium especially when the headliner is as big as Zeds Dead (whos been selling out redrocks for over 5 years for two nights straight)

This was organized terribly. When the guards decided to open the gates to the mass of kids that you oversold tickets to I was shoved to the ground, trampled, and kicked in the face. My entire jaw is cut and bruised. My friend got stuck in pile up of 50+ people and has bruises covering her legs. I am astonished that such a big school would plan this poorly, and I am dumbfounded that someone thought it would be a good idea to OVERSELL tickets and then let kids in by charging through the gates. Shame on you CU. Shame on you.

It was fun, it was just really crowded.

It was way to small

this was horrible. My friend was trampled and way too overcrowded. It was dangerous and should just be for freshmen or just sell a certain amount!

I decided not to go because it seemed intense from the outside.

Super fun event. The crowd was loving it and it seemed like everyone was enjoying their time. Also, the artists absolutely killed it.