You’re invited! Student presentations and Anthropology exhibit opening!

Graduate and undergraduate students in the Cultural Anthropology Collections Research course each examined and investigated one specific item from CU’s esteemed Anthropology Collection. The newest exhibit in the Anthropology Hall will showcase each student’s selected object and what they learned each week, along with a final exhibit label in which they summarize what they most want you to know based on months of their research. 

Presentation titles include: 

No substitute for Family: Monkeys, gifts, and Japanese symbolism

You Spin Me Round: Spindles as a tool of independence for Peruvian women

Not Their First Rodeo: An object study of women in the American west

A King in Beads: The relationship between royalty and artists in the Bamileke

Bladed meteorites: The Phur-pa and Buddhist ritual practice

Beetle Wings and Cultural Things: Exploring materiality and meaning in the Peruvian Amazon

The Presents of Peacekeeping: The historical context of the Arapaho buffalo bow

The making of a Mukluk: Inuit ingenuity and colonialism

Kachina dolls: How a single Pueblo community experimented with the early art market

Sharing the Unsharable: Haudenosaunee policies influencing collection practices

Campus and community members are invited to join us for light refreshments and to meet the students behind the exhibit.  Student Public Presentations will start at 530pm and be 5 minutes each. There will also be a group Q&A. Please come early or stay a little late to view the exhibit. 

Thursday, December 12, 2019 at 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Museum of Natural History (Henderson), paleontology Hall
1035 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80309