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Cancel an Event

It is best to cancel an event not delete it if you are no longer going to hold the event. It elevates the user’s frustration if they were planning to attend and then the events disappears off the calendar.

If users had indicated they are interested in the event, they will be notified of cancellations. Users are not notified of deletions. Below are steps for how to cancel an event


You must login to make any changes to an event you have already submitted. 

Click the “Login” link at the top of the  calendar homepage. Use your CU Identikey username and password to sign in. 

Finding Your Event to Edit

  1. Find the event page in event calendar and click on “Edit Event” link under the location map on the event page
  2. Search for the event using the administrative dashboard
    1. or under the Events link select "live", use the search tool or look for the event in the chronological list of events
    2. or use Future Events button on the dashboard

Any of the above methods will lead you to the event page. 

Note: If  you do not see your event using these methods, see our tutorial about troubleshooting finding an event.

Select the event title you would like to edit from the list.

Live event dashboard page

Steps to an Event Cancellation

  • Put "Cancelled" in the event title
  • Add Update text with date at the beginning of your event description

Cancelling a Date in an Event Series

In the confirmed date section of the event, Click the pencil icon the edit one of the dates

Click the Cancel button to cancel the date