Farrand Field

Farrand Field is the centerpiece of the CU campus. It features a performance stage and recreational open space. It is well-known for it's beautiful views of the Flatirons.

2200 Baker Dr., Boulder, CO 80309

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Springfest Carnival

Join us for a chance to decompress and have some fun before Finals Week. The Springfest carnival will feature inflatables, carnival games, food, music and...

4/29 4pm

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Homecoming Kick-off


Chi-O Rodeo


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Robert Glein

Robert Glein left a positive review 9/17/2019


Jinsung Lee

Jinsung Lee left a positive review 9/17/2019

Thanks a lot for this event!

Sarah Ruth Moeller

Sarah Ruth Moeller left a review 9/9/2019

I wanted to do the Fest between standing in line and the bike sale, but it was pretty much closed down by 5pm :(

Brandon Geer

Brandon Geer left a review 6/5/2019

It was...okay. Some more active games would have been nice. Ice cream or fudgesicles on such a hot day would have been great. We waited in line half an hour for a very limited food selection (two hours after my normal lunchtime). More sides and desserts would have made the wait more worthwhile. I couldn't bring myself to wait in a half hour line for a new pen or pencil though. Some kind of lounge chair area or stand at tables (pub style) under umbrellas would have facilitated more hanging out with fellow staff members. Most of the socializing was done standing in lines. I'm guessing a few kegs would be out of the question, but I think it could be done responsibly - wristband for one (or two?) beers per person for example. Anyway, it was a good excuse to get out of the office for a bit, so thanks!

Mike Collier

Mike Collier left a positive review 6/5/2019

Great food, well staffed and good music!!