Fiske Planetarium and Science Center

Fiske Planetarium hosts a diverse range of shows, star talks, LASER shows, and special live events. The planetarium's 20-meter dome (the largest between Chicago and Los Angeles) was for many years home to one of the few Zeiss Mark VI Star Projectors, affectionately known as "Fritz," after the German engineer who oversaw its installation. In 2013, Fiske began a major systems upgrade, placing it among the most technologically advanced theaters. Fiske Planetarium works to serve CU faculty and students, local schools, and the general public. We host special talks and educational events, and often host large crowds during astronomical and NASA-related events.

2414 Regent Drive, Boulder, CO 80309

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Still from film with boy and robot looking at the ISS

NEW FULLDOME FILM - Why do things fall to the ground without magic? Find out in The Secrets of Gravity! The twelve year old Luke is far more interested in...

7/31 1pm
Photo of the Gemini South Observatory

NEW FULLDOME FILM - Big Astronomy: People, Places, Discoveries explores three observatories located in Chile, at extreme and remote places. It gives...

7/31 7pm
Grateful dead logo with tie dye and an astronaut

This show is a psychedelic experience awakened by the best of the Grateful Dead. Join us on a musical and visual journey through the cosmic universe and...

7/31 9pm

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Yuanyuan Xie

Yuanyuan Xie left a positive review 9/16/2019

good laser show

Joao Campos

Joao Campos left a positive review 9/16/2019

The show was amazing, the lights are incredible, the audio was great too. The staff were friendly and the place was clean.

Juliana Artier

Juliana Artier left a positive review 9/16/2019


Ambily Suresh

Ambily Suresh left a positive review 9/16/2019

It was great!

Benjamin A. Nault

Benjamin A. Nault left a positive review 9/16/2019

This was a great event for NPAW. The show was awesome!