Fiske Planetarium and Science Center

Fiske Planetarium hosts a diverse range of shows, star talks, LASER shows, and special live events. The planetarium's 20-meter dome (the largest between Chicago and Los Angeles) was for many years home to one of the few Zeiss Mark VI Star Projectors, affectionately known as "Fritz," after the German engineer who oversaw its installation. In 2013, Fiske began a major systems upgrade, placing it among the most technologically advanced theaters. Fiske Planetarium works to serve CU faculty and students, local schools, and the general public. We host special talks and educational events, and often host large crowds during astronomical and NASA-related events.

2414 Regent Drive, Boulder, CO 80309

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Science and Society: Science for the People - What science is and what it could become

We spend a lot of time thinking and learning about what science is and what science has discovered. But who are these “scientists?” How do they “discover”...

6/6 7pm
Bringing Back Dark Skies: A Conversation about the Boulder Dark-Sky Ordinance

Have you seen the Milky Way lately? Most of us haven’t - 80 percent of Americans can no longer see the Milky Way from their homes. Join this discussion with...

6/12 7pm
Colorado Skies: The Summer Solstice

Interested in learning about tonight's sky and the constellations that are up this time of year? Want to know what objects to look for with the naked eye, a...

6/22 2:30pm
Black Holes: How to Find Something that Hides in the Dark

How do you find something that hides in the dark? Black holes were first theorized in 1916 and astronomers have been on the hunt to find one ever since....

6/27 7pm

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CHRISTINE RUDZINSKAS left a review 12/13/2018

Didn't get to go.

Joyce Chase

Joyce Chase left a positive review 3/16/2018

Thank you - I enjoy everything I attend at Fiske

Trevor VG

Trevor VG left a positive review 3/15/2018

This is one of my favorite things to do: taking in a presentation by Dr Bagenal at the Planetarium. Fun, informative, intellectually stimulating... awesome!

Linda Cockrell

Linda Cockrell left a review 3/6/2018

The event idea was great, however, the execution could use a bit of work.