Fleming Building

The Fleming building is home to the Idea Forge as well as classrooms, offices, and study spaces.

2445 Kittredge Loop Road, Boulder, CO 80309

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HackCU Local Hack Day

On Saturday, December 7th, 2019, HackCU hosting Local Hack Day for the 6th year in a row! Local Hack Day is the club's regional 12-hour hackathon where more...

12/7 8am
Demystifying Entrepreneurship: Finance Workshop

This workshop will provide you with the final tool for your problem-solving toolbox: getting cash to fund your idea. This workshop gives you the essentials...

11/6/2020 4pm

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R Berman

R Berman left a positive review 10/28/2018

Very timely and good format.

Gerard Casas Saez

Gerard Casas Saez left a positive review 10/22/2018

Good activity, a lot of students and startups meeting. Great afternoon spent!

Ian Connor Dillon Lummis

Ian Connor Dillon Lummis left a review 9/25/2018

There were a lot of contractors. I wish there had been more structural engineering/design firms there. Overall a good experience and I made some connections.

Angela Christine Maio

Angela Christine Maio left a negative review 2/27/2018

I did not attend because I was unable to officially register. EventBrite said I did not have "permission". Can this be fixed?

Vanessa A Copple

Vanessa A Copple left a positive review 1/29/2018

It was enlightening to hear Ryan Martens' story of lessons and successes in software project management. Thanks for the bagels!