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portrait photograph of Barret Zoph

Barret Zoph, Senior Research Scientist, Google Brain

4/21 4:10pm
Complex/Dynamical Systems Seminar - Juniper Lovato

Juniper Lovato, Director of Outreach for Complex Systems, University of Vermont Limits of individual consent and models of distributed consent in online...

4/22 2pm
Complex/Dynamical Systems Seminar - Subekshya Bidari

Subekshya Bidari, Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Colorado Boulder

4/22 2pm
portrait photograph of Pieter Abbeel

Pieter Abbeel; Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; University of California, Berkeley

4/23 4:10pm
portrait photograph of Abdelrahman Mohamed

Abdelrahman Mohamed, Research Scientist, Facebook AI Research Recent advances in speech representation learning Self-supervised representation learning...

4/26 4:10pm

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