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buffscreate logo of a bull with glasses

With Amanda McAndrew, ASSETT Manager; Caroline Sinkinson, University Libraries Associate Professor, Lead, Learning & Engagement Team is a...

12/5 11am
Desktop with a computer, glasses, a plant, and a note book that says tips and tricks written on it

With CU Boulder's Learning Design Group, Continuing Education Hosted by Karen Crouch, Arts & Sciences Support of Education Through Technology and Center for...

12/6 10am
Want to incorporate metacognition into your teaching? Here’s how!

with Karen Crouch, ASSETT and Shane Oshetski Join members of the ASSETT Innovation Incubator Metacognition & Wellbeing team to learn about the benefits of...

12/8 10am
a brain with rainbow colors pouring out of it

With Karen Crouch, Instructional Design and Technology Consultant, ASSETT and Brad Grabham, Instructional Designer, Learning Design Group UDL CoP Mission:...

12/15 11am

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