Career Services Events

November 18, 2021

Thursday, November 18

Skills for Success Lab

Working on building a skills plan through the Skills for Success program? Come to our weekly drop-in advising and consulting forum to get your questions...

11/18/2021 1pm
Virtual Event
How to Find an Internship

Internships are important professional opportunities early in a student’s career and employers say that internship experience is the number one reason...

11/18/2021 3pm
Virtual Event
Applying for Graduate School: The Rundown

Join Career Services to gain a better understanding of how to apply to graduate school – the tools, the process, ways to seek funding and knowledge you can...

11/18/2021 4pm
Virtual Event
Thinking About Law School?

Have you ever thought about going to law school? People with law degrees are needed across countless industries. Some take the bar exam and practice law and...

11/18/2021 5pm
Virtual Event
STEM Virtual Canadian Career Fair

Canada welcomes STEM degree holders to participate in the STEM Canadian Career Fair. 50% of Canada's STEM degree holders are immigrants and some of the...

11/18/2021 6pm
Virtual Event