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Physical Chemistry/Chemical Physics: Gang Cao, University of Colorado Boulder

Control of quantum states in strongly spin-orbit-coupled matter A delicate balance between spin-orbit and other competing interactions inherent in 4d/5d...

8/30 4pm
Physical Chemistry/Chemical Physics: Joe Subotnik, University of Pennsylvania

Title Abstract: TBA Host: Sandeep Sharma Scheduling contact: Kayla Jones

9/13 4pm
Organic Faculty Presentation

Title Abstract: TBA

9/16 4pm
Physical Chemistry/Chemical Physics: Michael Hagan, Brandesis University

TBA Host: Joel Eaves Scheduling Contact: Kayla Jones

9/20 4pm
Materials and Nanoscience: Erin Chernick, University of Tübingen

Title Abstract: TBA Host: Niels Damrauer Scheduling Contact: Kayla Jones

9/23 4pm

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