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CU ANYL Seminar, Da Yang, and Yandong Tong, Volkamer group

A partial story of an aircraft-based laminar gas sampling inlet Da Yang, Volkamer group "Aircraft-based measurements allow for large spatial-scale...

4/22 12:20pm
Molecular Biophysics Supergroup Meeting

The Molecular Biophysics Supergroup meets monthly during the academic year to hear presentations by graduate students and postdocs from mentor labs...

4/22 4pm
ORG Seminar: Speaker information to follow

Abstract forthcoming

4/22 4pm
ORG Seminar: Song Lin - Cornell

Title: Amping Up Organic Synthesis Using Electrochemistry Abstract: Owing to its many distinct characteristics, electrochemistry represents an attractive...

4/24 4pm
Amber Krummel

Title: Visualizing Dynamics—A Role for Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy in Energy Science Abstract: The climate crisis is driving a new era of...

4/26 4pm

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