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Resolving The Complex Chemistry of Combustion Prof. Nicole Labbe, CU Mechanical Engineering "High temperature gas reacting systems are among the most...

11/28 12:20pm
CU Wizards Galileo

Join Professor Mathias Weber who dives into Archimedes Principle to better understand why icebergs float and bubbles always travel up! He may even explain...

12/3 9:30am
CU Wizards Galileo

Professor David Nesbitt presenting! Chemistry learning is especially fun if learned while doing cooking projects at home! This show will feature the...

3/11/2023 9:30am
CU Wizards! TBA

For over 3 decades, the CU Wizards program has introduced dozens of STEAM topics to young students. Award-winning CU Faculty present free monthly Saturday...

5/20/2023 9:30am

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