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Philip Shushkov

Wishing upon a star: New methods for the description of the collisional reduction of CO2 and other open quantum systems Energetic collisions of carbon...

1/22 4pm
Physical Chemistry-Chemical Physics Seminar: Tim Berkelbach, Columbia University

Electronic excitations in solids: From models to methods The accurate simulation of excited-state properties of solids is an outstanding challenge in...

1/24 4pm
Robert Waymouth

Dynamic Nanomaterials for Gene Delivery: From Chemistry to Biology We have developed a new concept for gene delivery based on a class of dynamic oligomeric...

1/27 4pm
Organic Seminar: Scott Miller, Yale University

Title and abstract TBA Student hosted: Wyatt Powell, Walczak lab Scheduling contact: Kayla Jones

1/28 4pm
Physical Chemistry-Chemical Physics Seminar: Evan Williams, University of California, Berkeley

Exploring Fast Chemistry in Aqueous Nanodrops with Mass Spectrometry A virtually unlimited variety of molecules that are confined in gaseous aqueous...

1/31 4pm

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