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Colloquium: Douglas Ming

Douglas Ming NASA Topic: Mars robotics missions Title: Sedimentary Deposits on Mars through the Eyes of Rovers and Landers Scheduling contact: Brian...

9/18 4pm
Colloquium: John Eiler

John Eiler Cal Tech Topic: Clumped isotopes Title: Prebiotic chemistry and the search for extra-terrestrial life in the solar system Scheduling...

9/25 4pm
Colloquium: Michael Travisano

Michael Travisano Minnesota Topic: Major evolutionary transitions Title: TBD Scheduling contact: Jen Reeve / Andrea Halling

10/2 4pm
Colloquium: Brian Hynek

Brian Hynek CU Boulder Title: Advances in understanding the history of water and potential for life at Mars Scheduling contact:

10/9 4pm
Colloquium: Laura Crossey

Laura Crossey University of New Mexico Topic: Birdsall-Dreiss Distinguished Lecturer Title: Hydrochemistry and Geoscience Education at Grand Canyon and...

10/16 4pm

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