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Shotokan Karate

Shotokan Karate is one of the oldest forms of traditional Okinawan/Japanese martial arts still in practice today. This class will cover traditional forms and...

5/31 6:30pm
Powerlifting Class

Join a Certified Personal Trainer for this 5-week intensive course that will teach you proper form and progression for powerlifting movements, including...

6/3 9am
Handstands & Mobility Class

Join the Rec Center for a 4-week training course to improve overall mobility and your capacity to shift between your hands and feet. This course will...

6/7 11:30am
Women's Self Defense Class

Learn empowering and effective verbal and physical skills designed to increase your safety and confidence in a wide range of real-life scenarios including...

6/7 5:30pm
Ballet Techniques

This ballet class is ideal for beginners or those wanting to strengthen their foundational training. We will cover barre and floor work, including plie,...

6/8 4:30pm

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