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PCCP Seminar: Frank Spano - Temple University

Excitons and Polarons in Organic Materials Excitons and polarons play a critical role in the electronic and optical properties of aggregates, thin films and...

4/7 4pm
PCCP Seminar: Robert Hodyss - NASA

Organic Geochemistry on Titan The Cassini-Huygens mission has revealed Saturn’s largest moon Titan to be a remarkably Earth-like world, with a diverse...

4/14 4pm
PCCP Seminar: Sukrit Ranjan - University of Arizona

Life in the Light: Photochemical Insights Towards Life as a Planetary Phenomenon ABSTRACT: Advances in origins-of-life chemistry are transforming our...

4/21 4pm
PCCP Seminar: Scott Cushing - Cal Tech

From Batteries to Photoelectrochemistry: Exploring Ultrafast Phenomena with Electrons, X-rays, and Entangled Photons The Cushing lab focuses on ultrafast...

4/28 4pm

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