Macky Auditorium

Macky Auditorium Concert Hall is a multi-disciplinary venue, and a largely self-funded unit of the University of Colorado Boulder. One of the 12 buildings that form the Norlin Quadrangle Historic District, it serves the campus and the region by entertaining, educating and challenging audiences with high quality local, national and international performances and events. Macky is also home to CU College of Music's Band, Orchestra, Opera and Jazz programs, CU Present's Artist Series, and the Conference on World Affairs. Some of our clients include the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra, Boulder Ballet, Colorado MahlerFest, Greater Boulder Youth Orchestra, TEDx Boulder, the Unreasonable Institute, Amplitude Entertainment, AEG Live and Live Nation, as well as University Student Groups such as Program Council, the Distinguished Speakers Board and the Cultural Events Board. Within its walls, Macky Auditorium also houses the College of Music's Jazz and Choral Studies Departments, the American Music Research Center, the Center of the American West and the Center for Humanities and the Arts.

1595 Pleasant Street, Boulder, CO 80309

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Trip to Boulder Farmers Market

Join the ISSS Summer Outdoor Club on a trip to the Wednesday Boulder Farmers Market! We'll meet outside at the front of Macky Auditorium at 3:30 p.m. and...

7/24 3:30pm
Catalyze CU Demo Day

Catalyze CU is the campus' summer startup accelerator program, and a launchpad for the most promising and impactful ventures from students and faculty. Our...

8/25 12:30pm
Honor Reading Choir: Fall 2019

This concert is the culminating event after a two-day choir festival for some of Boulder and Denver's top high school choral singers. Performance date and...

9/9 7:30pm
Wind Symphony and Symphonic Band: Sept. 19, 2019

CU Boulder’s top wind, brass and percussion students perform a varied program of outstanding works for wind ensemble. Performance date and time: Thursday,...

9/19 7:30pm
Wind Symphony and Symphonic Band: Sept. 19, 2019

CU Boulder’s top wind, brass and percussion students perform a varied program of outstanding works for wind ensemble. Performance date and time: Thursday,...

9/20 7:30pm

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Daniela Vergara

Daniela Vergara left a negative review 4/25/2019

If we want CU to be an indoctrinated university brainwashed with christian praying time and without critical thinking or academic freedom, but with a marginalized LGBTQ and minority community, Kennedy is the guy to elect! He was great at dodging every single question, at not giving specific examples, at washing his hands, a great GOP trait. So if we want someone even more of a bigot than Bruce Benson, this is totally the guy, little mr. trump.

Lottie M Chorman

Lottie M Chorman left a positive review 4/17/2019

It was so much fun . I never did this before . I loved it.

Craig A. Cook

Craig A. Cook left a positive review 1/18/2019

Wonderful! The philharmonic orchestra was so nice to listen to and the choice of music showed their true talent.

Erin Kenworthy

Erin Kenworthy left a positive review 10/3/2018

Amazing speaker! He covered a lot of his book in short amount of time. He was truly extraordinary. Additionally, I enjoyed having the panel questions from students. Wish he could speak more technically to the effects of a Year in Space but perhaps he is unable to.

Riley Fitzpatrick

Riley Fitzpatrick left a positive review 10/3/2018

It was so good. I was so happy to have been able to see him speak.

Judah Levine

Judah Levine left a positive review 10/2/2018

Talk was very interesting, especially how mr. Burns’ films were influenced by his childhood. The sound system was ok, but could be improved.

Justin H Stone

Justin H Stone left a positive review 10/3/2018

Scott was very fluid and entertaining in his presentation. He spoke on his trials from birth to becoming an astronaut, and key or anomalous events that happened in between. He accepted online question from the audience after giving his talk.

Adrian Unkeles

Adrian Unkeles left a positive review 10/2/2018

Ken Burns is an eloquent and compelling thinker. Glad I got to witness the man behind the lens!

Jose E Garza

Jose E Garza left a negative review 3/6/2018

It was sold out and I didn't get tickets. You may want to do better tracking and only survey those who actually GOT tix.

Martha Ames

Martha Ames left a review 2/26/2018

It was sold out so I didn't get to go.