Muenzinger Psychology

Muenzinger Psychology is home to the Department of Psychology and includes classroom and laboratory space.

1905 Colorado Avenue, Boulder, CO 80309

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Sutherland Seminar Series: Mood Charts, Regular Daily Routines, Exercise & Nutrition

Join us for a review of lifestyle choices that may impact current symptoms and risk relapses, and learn specific tools to help facilitate behavioral...

10/1 6pm
Sutherland Seminar Series: Sleep

Good sleep can help to stabilize mood, while poor sleep can be both a trigger and a symptom of mood episodes. We will discuss research-supported strategies...

10/8 6pm
Sutherland Seminar Series: Treatment - Pharmacotherapy (Medications)

Join us for a review of general principles to help you: 1) better understand medications and how to take them, 2) shop for a psychiatrist and 3) make the...

10/15 6pm
Sutherland Seminar Series: Treatment - Psychotherapy

What role does psychotherapy play in treating bipolar disorder? What kinds of psychotherapy are there? How do you shop for a therapist? The Sutherland...

10/22 6pm
Sutherland Seminar Series: Bipolar Disorder & Relationships

Join us to discuss what you can do to help a family member with bipolar disorder and/or what you can do to nurture relationships impacted by your bipolar...

10/29 6pm

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