Museum of Natural History (Henderson)

The University of Colorado Museum of Natural History is home to the largest natural history collection in the Rocky Mountain region and features five exhibition galleries where visitors can explore natural and human history through engaging and interactive displays. The youngest visitors enjoy The Discovery Corner where everything is hands-on. Visitors to the BioLounge can sip a hot beverage while experiencing exhibits that focus on biodiversity. The museum is open every day (except university holidays). Admission is free.

1035 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80309

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Mornings at the Museum

Mornings at the Museum provides a hands-on introduction to the wonderful worlds of science, literacy and nature! Have fun learning together as you examine...

10/24 9:30am
Family Day: "Zombie" Plants and more

Ever ponder the possibility of real Zombies? They may seem like a fun Halloween costume, but the truth is there are organisms pretty close to the undead in...

10/26 10am
Alexander von Humboldt and Latin America

Alexander von Humboldt is perhaps one of Europe’s most significant explorers and travel writers. But what would Humboldt be without Latin America? And how...

10/28 9am
Brain Break for CU Students: DIY Candle Holders

HEY BUFFS: Daylight savings is coming, be ready for those dark winter nights with a halloween lantern or tree themed candle holder! Stop by this drop in...

10/30 10am
AIA lecture: Digitizing Prehistory, Aegean Scripts in the 21st Century

Join Dr. Dimitri Nakassis as he examines how the Mycenaean palaces of the Greek Late Bronze Age (ca. 1300-1100 B.C.) made use of a sophisticated writing...

10/30 7pm

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Claude Dominic Masson

Claude Dominic Masson left a positive review 6/9/2019

As someone who has attended the tree walks in the past, I found this one to be very interesting and engaging, too. The route we were taken on covered some common trees of the area as well as some fascinating uncommon trees. I also enjoyed the various stories that some specific trees had as well as the attention to everyone's questions and the thorough presentations that Vince and Alan made.

Hopeton Willis

Hopeton Willis left a positive review 6/9/2019

This was a wonderful event! I truly enjoyed it! It seemed to have gathered approximately 70-80 people. It was difficult hearing the speakers at times. Perhaps a megaphone or some way of increasing the volume of the voice would have been nice.

Noelle Seybert

Noelle Seybert left a review 6/9/2019

It was a beautiful night and Vince was very knowledgable and personable. However, it was more of a Spring Color Tree Stand and Point. Andy and his friend (he wasn't introduced) slowed the walk and process down with the asides and too much information/soapbox moments. I ended up leaving at 615 and we'd only made it to the Hale building. Next time I would have only Vince and maybe have a mobile app or email sent prior to the walk that will have some information included about the trees around campus that we may see on the walk so people are able to refer to that instead of constantly asking "wait, what was that again?" which slowed the tour down. Another suggestion would be to split the groups up, one with Vince and one with Andy and so we aren't this massive blob taking up walkways around campus and people are able to get in closer and hear the expert better.

Charles Fowler

Charles Fowler left a review 5/13/2019

I guess I was a little disappointed. Her talk was just a 40 minute reading from notes. I would rather have heard just a short description of the new exhibit, and a lot more on how is was put together and where all the parts were found and the difficulties.
I sensed many people had not heard about the National Museum of the American Indian and that this new "American" exhibit was just a part of the entire museum.
So a little more time could have been spent explaining about the rest of the museum.

Caitlin Cassisi

Caitlin Cassisi left a positive review 5/14/2019

Amazing, I brought a guest and they greatly enjoyed it as well.

Caitlin Cassisi

Caitlin Cassisi left a positive review 4/30/2019


R Berman

R Berman left a positive review 12/3/2018

Excellent and highly relevant presentation.

Robert Karson Shearon

Robert Karson Shearon left a positive review 9/25/2018

She was an amazing teacher. The metaphor of a tree/forest was very helpful.

Tess Eidem

Tess Eidem left a positive review 9/25/2018

This was a great experience! Rebecca was an awesome teacher too!

Upasana Das

Upasana Das left a positive review 4/5/2018

It was an amazing experience. The tour guide, Jim, was very knowledgable and provided a detailed explanation for some of the rarest collection.