Student Recreation Center

The Recreation Center offers over 300,000 square feet of recreation activity space, including 6 basketball courts, 5 fitness studios, ice rink, 3 tennis courts, 4 pools, 4 racquetball courts, indoor turf gym, climbing wall, and a wellness suite.

1855 Pleasant Street, Boulder, CO 80309

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Rec Fest

Join Recreation Services for Rec Fest! Free activities, prizes and fun! There will be a bouldering competition, basketball competition (Jamfest), free...


Are you up for a little winter adventure? Join ISSS and The Rec for a day of snowshoeing through some beautiful Colorado scenery! No experience necessary....

2/23 8:30am
Ethics & Compliance Education Session: Accreditation - How and Why

February’s Monthly Ethics & Compliance Education Series will focus on the impacts of the accreditation to the campus community. In this session, Katherine...

2/25 12pm
Brain Awareness Week: Free Brain Bumble Challenge Event

The NeuroScience Club hosts a brain-knowledge-challenge for students. How much do you know about the brain and how it works? Learn and test your knowledge,...

3/10 10am

Do you miss the Olympics? Want to get on the sheet and use the hacks to put your stone in the house? Have you ever wanted to try this quirky winter sport? ...

3/16 12pm

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Raquel Salvador Gallego

Raquel Salvador Gallego left a positive review 2/17/2019

Grat event! The girls were very patient with beginners and they gave us a lot of useful tips! Very nice atmosphere,I hope you do this again

Javier Raul Hollines

Javier Raul Hollines left a positive review 11/29/2018

Food, ice skating, and dancing. So much fun!


CHRISTINE RUDZINSKAS left a positive review 11/2/2018

Didn't go, but heard on the Hill from Midnight that it was a lot of fun.

Warm regards,
Christine Rudzinskas

Youfan Chen

Youfan Chen left a positive review 10/9/2018

I didn't join it because I found it is for CU student. I'm a visiting scholar, so I'm not sure if I can join in.

Joseph Michael Lococo

Joseph Michael Lococo left a review 8/27/2018

Myself and 5 others were not able to find the meeting. I am interested in joining, please let me know if I still can

Alyssa Cavalier

Alyssa Cavalier left a review 6/14/2018

It was alright, did some weights and used the treadmill. It was nice to get a workout in pre-lunch and meeting. I do wish that I had access to the classes on "free day."