Sustainability, Energy and Environment Community (SEEC)

The SEEC building is ashared, collaborativefacility and part of CU's east campus. Theoffices of theEnvironmental StudiesProgram, the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, theCooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute, theDepartment of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, the Environmental Engineering Program, and the Center of the American Westare housed here.SEEC also houses classrooms, shared conference rooms, collaborative work|study spaces, and dry laboratories.

4001 Discovery Dr., Boulder, CO 80309

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Augmester: The Scientific Basis of Environmental Change

This course provides an overview of the science that underlies some of the most complicated global environmental challenges we face today. These include...

New Faculty Orientation

Please join the Office of Faculty Affairs for this mandatory orientation for all new tenure track, instructor and senior instructor appointments. As a new...

8/19 8am
First day of fall classes

MENV classes begin for the fall semester!

Financial Futures Town Hall

Financial Futures continues its work to allign CU Boulder's mission with its resource. Come hear about projects planned for implementation and ways to...

8/29 11am

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Laura Jane Macdougall

Laura Jane Macdougall left a positive review 4/30/2019

Very informative! Great way to understand and learn more about funding opportunities

Karen Bailey

Karen Bailey left a positive review 4/30/2019

I learned a lot about the different databases for funding and how to navigate them. It was very useful!

Xiang Luo

Xiang Luo left a positive review 2/22/2019

It is a awesome event! Lots of food, swags, and workshops! Everybody can definitely learn something while having fun! Highly recommended!

Elena Jordan

Elena Jordan left a positive review 2/14/2019

It was a very efficient course, a lot of content presented very comprehensible. The handout is very useful to remember all the contents and to look up the references. It was great! Thank you.

Xiaolei Huang

Xiaolei Huang left a positive review 2/14/2019

It is a great resources for the entry level. I learnt a lot from the interactive workshop. Yet, it seems 1 hour discussion is not long enough for discuss the details of every slide. We discuss so fast that there is no focus overall. I think it would be great if we could have longer or more precise focus on three slides.

R Berman

R Berman left a positive review 11/1/2018

Great presentation of NYC water network.

R Berman

R Berman left a positive review 10/25/2018

Excellent presentation of very relavant material.

Camden Elliott-Williams

Camden Elliott-Williams left a review 9/18/2018

Did not seem to be about learning leadership skills, but more of a very basic exposure to categories of levels of leadership, as well as personality assessments.

Camden Elliott-Williams

Camden Elliott-Williams left a negative review 9/19/2018

Did not seem to be much about techniques for how to build a network of mentors, but more about someone's opinions about types of mentors.

Helene Devillez

Helene Devillez left a positive review 9/18/2018

Good seminar.