University Memorial Center (UMC)

Known as the campus 'living room,' thousands of people visit the University Memorial Center (UMC) every day to grab a bite to eat, enjoy free entertainment, shop the retail stores, study with free wireless Internet or just hang out. With a wide variety of student services and student group offices in the building and active student governance, the UMC is an exciting center for activism and community interaction. As a designated multicultural center, we celebrate diversity through food, dance, art, music and the free exchange of ideas.

1669 Euclid Avenue, Boulder, CO 80309

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Converting Your Academic CV to an Industry Resume

Join Alaina Nickerson from Career Services to learn about the differences between an academic CV and an industry resume. We’ll discuss specific ways you can...

9/25 11am
Academic Futures Town Hall Forum (UMC)

The Academic Futures committee has submitted its report for 30 days of campus review and input. As part of the campus input process, the university is...

9/26 8am
Building Productive Writing Habits

Join Graduate School writing coordinator Leslie Blood for a workshop designed to help graduate students build productive writing habits.

9/26 10am
CU Boulder Today Open Lab

Do you submit content for CU Boulder Today? Have questions about the process, our guidelines, our audiences or something else? Then join an open lab session...

9/26 3pm
In-Depth: Award Compliance

While everyone has heard the word “compliance”, what does it mean through the lens of sponsored projects at the University of Colorado Boulder? Members of...

9/27 2pm

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Helene Devillez

Helene Devillez left a positive review 9/17/2018

Good idea, have to see the pictures now.

Helene Devillez

Helene Devillez left a positive review 9/16/2018


Elena Jordan

Elena Jordan left a positive review 8/1/2018

Very helpful and informative with practical advise.

Melissa May Maestas

Melissa May Maestas left a positive review 9/16/2018

Very informative.

Melissa May Maestas

Melissa May Maestas left a positive review 9/17/2018

Thanks for offering this opportunity.

Joyita Bhadra

Joyita Bhadra left a positive review 9/16/2018

I feel like all the information was really relevant. I wish I could attend more of these events!

David Colwyn

David Colwyn left a positive review 9/17/2018

Quick and well organized. The pictures looked good on the camera screen. Photographer was helpful and seemed efficient.

Megan Harries

Megan Harries left a positive review 9/17/2018


Outi Supponen

Outi Supponen left a positive review 9/16/2018

Really nice event, I particularly enjoyed getting general information on the association and hearing the survey results among postdocs.

Angela L Medina Garcia

Angela L Medina Garcia left a positive review 9/4/2018

I think that it was a very informative session and I was able to retain few take home messages that will help in my job search. I will be attending any workshops of this kind if offered. Thanks for putting this together!