University Memorial Center (UMC)

Known as the campus 'living room,' thousands of people visit the University Memorial Center (UMC) every day to grab a bite to eat, enjoy free entertainment, shop the retail stores, study with free wireless Internet or just hang out. With a wide variety of student services and student group offices in the building and active student governance, the UMC is an exciting center for activism and community interaction. As a designated multicultural center, we celebrate diversity through food, dance, art, music and the free exchange of ideas.

1669 Euclid Avenue, Boulder, CO 80309

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CU Green Hands Event

Join International Student & Scholar Services and the Environmental Center for some fun upcycling DIY projects! Relax and de-stress while making useful and...

3/18 5pm
Green Hands

Join International Student & Scholar Services and the Environmental Center to learn how to transform your lifestyle to sustainable living with fun & relaxing...

3/18 5pm
James Field Willard Lecture in Medieval History Rory Naismith (Kings College London)  Gilds and Things: The Making of Medieval London

Medieval London had a unique and complex system of government. This lecture explores the early history of two of the key elements of its infrastructure: The...

3/18 5pm
Hijab Fashion Show!

Is that time of the year again! Join the DSCC and the Middle Eastern Student Association for CU Boulder's second Hijab Fashion Show!

3/18 6pm
Free Texas Hold’em Poker Tournaments

Put on your poker face! Play in a free Texas Hold’em poker tournament at The Connection! Sign up at 6 p.m. at The Connection front desk. Cards fly at 7...


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Extreme Bowling


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Valeria Barra

Valeria Barra left a positive review 3/4/2019

I loved it!
It was a friendly and informal environement where everybody could express their own ideas, and where everybody's opinion mattered. It was useful to hear feedback on the elevator pitch exercise, learning how to convey your message according to the audience you have, and how to tell your story, with structure or tricks to capture attention. I think it will be very useful for me in the future.

Raquel Salvador Gallego

Raquel Salvador Gallego left a positive review 3/4/2019

The instructor was exceptional and she gave very good tips. However, the workshop could be more useful if we get specific examples of how to communicate (language, content, etc). There was too much casual conversation that could be replaced with practical exercises.

Rebecca Elizabeth Keisler

Rebecca Elizabeth Keisler left a positive review 2/26/2019

This was a very interesting and informative training. The presenter was super knowledgable, had good communication methods and was just a good presenter!

Angie Jimenez

Angie Jimenez left a positive review 2/14/2019

I thoroughly enjoyed the keynote speaker and lunch speaker. I was thrilled to have opportunities to meet other women across campus who are in, or pursuing, leadership roles. I Most enjoyed meeting female campus leaders and hearing their stories. I wanted more workshops and more dialogue. not all of the breakout speakers seemed well informed on the topics which they were covering and were disappointing. The amazing keynotes made up for this.

Xiaofang Ouyang

Xiaofang Ouyang left a positive review 2/14/2019


Zachary John Cooper

Zachary John Cooper left a positive review 2/12/2019

Great speaker! The entire event was conducted in a professional manner, with a solid Q & A session at the end.

Shankar Lalitha Sridhar

Shankar Lalitha Sridhar left a review 1/30/2019

Knew most of it. Was obvious. Could have been more involved/detailed.

Shankar Lalitha Sridhar

Shankar Lalitha Sridhar left a positive review 2/5/2019

Very useful! Glad I took the time to come in.

Leilani Frances Osmundson

Leilani Frances Osmundson left a positive review 1/31/2019

What an awesome event! Great food, great activity with more than enough materials provided, amazing staff, and not too crowded. Can't wait for the next event!

Wouter Hoogkamer

Wouter Hoogkamer left a review 1/30/2019

I would like to suggests that for events where lunch is provided, the RSVP would allow for providing dietary restrictions