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Known as the campus 'living room,' thousands of people visit the University Memorial Center (UMC) every day to grab a bite to eat, enjoy free entertainment, shop the retail stores, study with free wireless Internet or just hang out. With a wide variety of student services and student group offices in the building and active student governance, the UMC is an exciting center for activism and community interaction. As a designated multicultural center, we celebrate diversity through food, dance, art, music and the free exchange of ideas.

1669 Euclid Avenue, Boulder, CO 80309

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Introduction to Zen Meditation

Interested in learning to meditate? Looking to unwind at the end of a busy day? Already have a practice and hoping to find others who share your passion for...

11/27 5pm
Dissertation Writing Accountability Seminar

Graduate students face unique challenges when it comes to balancing multiple projects in addition to research, publishing, and teaching obligations. The...

12/2 10am
Trivia Night

Join The Connection on Mondays for Trivia Night. Test your knowledge of everything from celebrities to sports to history and more! Free to enter! Teams and...

12/2 6pm
Dissertation Writing Accountability Seminar

Graduate students face unique challenges when it comes to balancing multiple projects in addition to research, publishing, and teaching obligations. The...

12/3 9am
How to Find Funding for Postdocs & Graduate Students

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs and Graduate School invite postdocs and graduate students to an informational session to learn how to identify funding...

12/3 12pm

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Robert Glein

Robert Glein left a positive review 11/13/2019

I liked to get a lot of information in a short time period

Jessica Sandoval

Jessica Sandoval left a positive review 11/11/2019

Very insightful and provided a good plan of action for having a more inclusive mindset in both my professional and personal life.

Sahar Jambi

Sahar Jambi left a positive review 11/6/2019

It was a great event. I learnt a lot from it and the instructor was good at communicating her ideas.

Woowon Lee

Woowon Lee left a positive review 10/7/2019

The orientation was great! I liked how the chairs were setup so everybody was facing each other.

Keith Bennett

Keith Bennett left a positive review 10/7/2019

The address was informative about the overall vision and what is ahead. I appreciated the acknowledgment of the recent challenges on campus and referencing resources on campus to help with those challenges. Also, I highly appreciate the mentioning of Wellness Coaching at the Residence Halls.

Dan Herrick

Dan Herrick left a review 9/24/2019

I was told there was a livestream so I chose to attend that instead of in person (I'm on east campus). Unfortunately while the livestream link existed, it didn't work, so I missed it.

Barbara Schnell

Barbara Schnell left a positive review 9/24/2019

I'm a new employee at CU and the panel discussion was a great in-person orientation to the Future Forward Initiatives. It's one thing to read about them and another to hear from the leaders. Great way to start. And the speaker was awesome. I'm an agile practitioner and it was great to hear and see data-driven conclusions about the benefits of the agile mindset as applied to learning, achieving positive outcomes and professional growth and development.

Noah Huber

Noah Huber left a positive review 9/24/2019

I found the speaker very engaging. The panel was rote (as planned, I assume). The big disconnect is that the panel didn't address or integrate or reflect on or (..... ) the principle ideas of the speaker. It felt like two separate things (maybe the speaker was sweetener to draw more people in to the panel?)
All in all, the ideas of Ms. McGowin are compelling. I'd love to see how our leadership sees and prepares to respond to those changes. (to give credit, the panel DID speak to responding to the inequality of resources among students, and how two programs are doing things differently when considering admission).

In summation: it was inspiring, and drew me forward. I want more. (more forward looking, more change in reflection and responsiveness to the changing world around us).

Nina Ripin

Nina Ripin left a positive review 9/4/2019

fun and interesting

Scott Carnahan

Scott Carnahan left a review 9/15/2019

Not what I expected from the announcements ahead of time. It was more of a rapid(ish) interview session, less of a time to network and get to know potential employers. I did have a good time talking with Longbow Software. Luckily for me I was most interested in Longbow and they were just standing at a table by the food, not with a big line of students in front of them.